Saturday 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


August West and Friends are an extreme talent within the New England music scene! Members hail from all over New England, creating a collection of seasoned musicians that have been in the music business for collectively over 40 years. They are a Grateful Dead cover band supergroup that consists of members from The Worthy Bones, The Rhythm Ship, Merther, Fules Gold, Between Dead Stations, Bolidoscope, Hambone, The Northside Ramblers, Singepole Mountain Band, Tomorrow Morning, sirEEL, and Mudseason! They can play one show as a rock band, complete with lead and rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards, and two drummers; the following night they can play a DeadGrass set, with banjo, violin, harmonica, and acoustic guitars. August West and Friends provides a unique experience that the avid fan will enjoy, yet they are always able to blow minds within the jams and explore new genres and sounds out of the old folk songs of the Dead that we know and love.


Live Set at The Kennebec Wharf:

Live at Freedom Field: