Saturday, July 22nd

We are looking for 20 teams to enter the Bold Coast Sea & Sky Festival Human Foosball tournament taking place in Machias on Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tournament begins at 8:00 AM Saturday, July 22nd, 2017.
Teams must sign up by Monday, July 10th, 2017.
Cost: $30,00 per team
Team Members must sign an Accident Waiver Form.
Team Members will receive a free Festival Weekend pass.

Human Foosball Tea Application
Human Foosball Accident Waiver


Human Foosball

Human Foosball Game

Human Foosball is the life-size version of the popular table game played worldwide. A huge wood arena has 4-foot tall wood walls, ensuring continuous play and great spectating. Each player holds on to a pole stretching width-wise. Like the toys in the table game, teammates can only move side to side within their specific zones, avoiding physical contact. Teams compete on each side of the 40-by-20-foot field using an official- size soccer ball to score goals. Foosball Table Human Foosball.


This life-size remake of the game is a blend of playing indoor soccer while mounted to a shish kabob. We have seen a variety of materials used to construct this game over the years from elaborate wood craftsmanship to large inflatable jump houses, but there is always one common theme — fun. Everyone likes to join a team and be competitive, which makes human foosball a great fit for team building corporate events all the way to children’s birthday games.

The game takes the tabletop version of the sport to the max and makes it closely resemble the sport it originated from, soccer.



 How to Play & Rules

The game is very similar to foosball in that two teams are connected to rods so they can only move laterally across the court instead of up and down like traditional soccer. The ball is served between the two opponents in the middle of the court and players must kick the ball to other players on the same rod or advance it in an attempt to score a goal. Games are played for 15 minutes.

No. of participants: 6Foosball5Foosball4

Duration: 15min

Setup area: 20×40 ft



Tournament Structure

  • Bracket play, 3 games each, 2point for win, 1 point for tie, 0 points for loss.
  • 2 teams with highest points from each bracket qualify for single elimination playoff. (Based on number of teams participating.)
  • Standard rules as normal foosball table 15 min game.
  • Highest no. of goals wins. No tie breaker during bracket play.
  • Any fouls, such as in hand ball, rough playing by kicking the opponent will result in free kick for the opponent side.
  • Player assessed penalty minutes who kicked the ball out of the playing area.
  • All matches will be organized into bracket pools. The matches will be played as bracket play based on the number of teams participating
  • Playoff tie breaker:
    • At this time the ball is given to the goal keeper.
    • Each goal keeper gets 3 shots to shoot the ball towards the goal.
    • The rest of the players should be in frozen state at this point of time.
    • In case if any player moves the opposite team will be awarded a goal.
    • When team A goal keeper is kicking the ball then during that time team B goal keeper will be outside the arena vice-versa.